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“Together our voices are louder”

Chickpiece donates 10% of every sale to Surge Animal Sanctuary

Our vision is a world in which all animals are free from human-inflicted oppression and violence, our vision is therefore of a vegan world. Surge focuses on veganism as we believe that it is through veganism that we’ll collectively end the oppression of non-human animals.  

Our philosophy is that change comes through vegan education. Through our many educational projects and operations, our mission is to push animal rights forward into mainstream public thinking, as well as encouraging unity through community-based activism

– Ed Winters (known online as Earthling Ed) is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Surge. 

Ed Winters or ‘Earthing Ed’ has long been an inspiration to us and really helped us with our education on veganism. Being vegan can be a lonely place at times and voices like Eds are always massively empowering and leave us feeling ready to face the world with our heads held high.

We are so excited and proud to be able to support the Surge Sanctuary by donating 10% of every item of jewellery purchased from Chickpiece*

We also want to use our platform to talk about the amazing work that Ed is doing and of course all of the goings on at the Surge Animal Sanctuary so check out our newsletters for regular updates!

Just over two years ago, SURGE opened Unity Diner in London and a dream was born to one day open an Animal Sanctuary. Thanks to the incredible support that Unity Diner received, the Surge Animal Sanctuary has now been realised with 18 acres of land in the midlands providing a safe place for rescued animals to see out the rest of their lives in peace and surrounded by love.  Not only this but the team intends on rewilding an area with a wild flower meadow for the bees and insects to thrive, a pond with a duck house in the middle  that will attract dragonflies and be a haven for insects and biodiversity, veganically grown beautiful fruit and veg and an education center in order to help people understand how these precious souls are more than a commodity and pave the way for people who want to  live a life healthy, compassionate life whilst also protecting the planet. Sounds like a paradise!

*We will donate a minimum retainer payment of £20 per month regardless of sales made. Full accounts detailing payments made available on request.

We are proud public members of The Plant Based Health Professionals who are striving to make important scientific data mainstream knowledge and re-write the way that Health Care Professionals are educated. 

“Plant-based health professionals UK is a Community Interest Company dedicated to providing education and advocacy on whole food plant-based nutrition for prevention and treatment of chronic disease. In addition to practicing conventional medicine, we are passionate about promoting health and well-being using whole food plant-based nutrition. There is no doubt that conventional medicine has resulted in some astonishing advances in patient care. However, the current model of healthcare in the UK focuses primarily on treating established disease, rather than emphasising interventions that could prevent or reduce the burden of chronic disease.”

Plant Based Health Professionals

We have huge respect for the work that Shireen Kassam and the PBHP are doing and watch with excitement as breakthroughs in this area become mainstream knowledge and become generally accepted & prescribed. For more information click here https://plantbasedhealthprofessionals.com/

we are planting trees to offset our carbon footprint with the help of Ecologi, an amazing innovative organisation who, with the help of donations like ours, are planting trees all around the world in areas of deforestation and in turn creating employment. Ecologi also supports many other projects around the world including here in the UK. Find out more about the amazing work that they are doing here.


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