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Its good to Talk Tea Cup Charm Necklace

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Choose between our delicate 925 sterling silver cable chain or for that extra sparkle, why not choose one of our truly stunning 925 sterling silver rolo chains. We also offer a gorgeous 14" special curb chain for children and young adults.

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Master of my wellness, body, mind and soul, I am WELL BEING

It’s good to talk and all over the world having a chat over a nice cup of tea will do wonders for the soul. Next to water, tea is the most widely consumed drink on the planet. From green tea to a good old British cuppa, our gorgeous little sterling silver cup and saucer charm is a reminder to have a cup of tea with a friend or three. After all, problem shared is a problem halved.

Each piece of our jewellery features our signature diamond cut sterling silver ring that brilliantly sparkles and shines radiating positive light & energy. This ring reflects the natural cycles of the world around us that connects our six beautiful lifestyle values.

Choose between our delicate 925 sterling silver cable chain or for that extra sparkle, why not choose our truly stunning 925 sterling silver rolo chain.

All of our jewellery findings are 925 sterling silver and we will not compromise on quality when it comes to the materials that we use (unless of course it’s bad for our planet!).

Your Identity Charm Necklace will be placed on beautiful Seed paper for you to plant and watch the pretty flowers grow! Our biodegradable Jewellery wallet features our hand stamped trade mark logo on a stainless steel tag and we use paper padded envelopes with brown paper tape which are letter box size, all 100% recyclable. We walk to the post box and will not hesitate to hand courier locally to save on our carbon footprint !

Well Beings love…Talking!

Talking plays a massive role in helping with mental health issues but for many years, talking about mental health has often been feared to be perceived as weak or failing. The good old British stiff upper lip needs to be a thing of the past and we are so pleased to see campaigns like the Heads together campaign set up by Prince Harry and the  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Mind UK and whole host of mental health charities supporting innovative projects to tackle the challenges we can all face in talking about our mental health.

 #oktosay -Mind Ambassadors Ruby Wax and Alastair Campbell along with a host of others have made #oktosay films about the life changing conversations that helped them cope with their mental health problems.

Sometimes in our lives, no matter what we do, we may experience mental health issues, especially in this age of over saturation, bombardment of information and the many challenges that we face.

Low mood can take the wind out of our sails at any time and we feel that this is such an important subject to talk about so we have a dedicated area of our website – ‘The Hive’, where we talk about well being and mental health, including our own personal experiences.

A bit about Tea!

Since the 18th century, the United Kingdom has been one of the world’s largest tea consumers. Originally an upper-class drink in Europe, tea gradually spread through all classes, eventually becoming a common drink. It is still considered an important part of the British identity and is a prominent feature of British culture and society.

In both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, tea-drinking blends and preferences vary. Although typically served with milk, it is also common to drink certain varieties black or with lemon. Sugar is a popular addition to any variety. Everyday tea, such as English breakfast tea, served in a mug with milk and sugar is a popular combination

The rise in popularity of tea between the 17th and 19th centuries had major social, political, and economic implications for the Kingdom of Great Britain. Tea defined respectability and domestic rituals, supported the rise of the British Empire, and contributed to the rise of the Industrial Revolution by supplying both the capital for factories and calories for labourers. It also demonstrated the power of globalisation and its ability to transform a country and reshape its society.

These days, as we are learning more and more about sustainability and health, we avoid chemically bleached tea bags and go for biodegradable or better yet, beautiful tea leaves and a traditional strainer, why not have some fun reading your tea leaves!  

We try and get a few cups of green tea in per day too as this has been proven to do absolute wonders for your health, see  (nutritionfacts.org)  

-Find out lots more about each individual Identity in The Hive – our dedicated space for raising awareness on many important issues that are close to our hearts and the driving force behind our company.

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-Check out our Natural Collection for even more beautiful jewellery using naturally sourced materials and upcycled finds !

-Explore more beautiful pieces in our Identity Collection  – Individually each charm identity represents an important ethos. Together, they embody an all round sustainable lifestyle that will not only nourish us as individuals but enrich and restore this awesome planet that we’re so blessed to inhabit. Our Identity collection is made up of six lovingly chosen Charms. Each piece of jewellery will also feature our signature diamond cut sterling silver ring that brilliantly sparkles and shines around the charm radiating positive light & energy. This ring reflects the natural cycles of the world around us & the connection between our six beautiful lifestyle values.




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