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Dragonfly Charm Necklace

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Choose between our delicate 925 sterling silver cable chain or for that extra sparkle, why not choose one of our truly stunning 925 sterling silver rolo chains. We also offer a gorgeous 14" special curb chain for children and young adults.

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Cherisher and nurturer of all creatures great & small, I am Gentle Giant

Dragonflies are associated with rebirth, courage, strength, and happiness, they feature in the Chinese practices of Feng Shuai and are said to bring new insights and positive changes. We think they are just mesmerising and this beautiful 14 carat gold filled dragonfly charm is a stunning tribute to these fascinating flying friends!

Each piece of our jewellery features our signature diamond cut sterling silver ring that brilliantly sparkles and shines radiating positive light & energy. This ring reflects the natural cycles of the world around us that connects our six beautiful lifestyle values.

Choose between our delicate 925 sterling silver cable chain or for that extra sparkle, why not choose our truly stunning 925 sterling silver rolo chain.

All of our jewellery findings are 925 sterling silver and we will not compromise on quality when it comes to the materials that we use (unless of course it’s bad for our planet!).

Your Identity Charm Necklace will be placed on beautiful seedpaper for you to then plant and watch the pretty flowers grow! Our biodegradable Jewellery wallet features our hand stamped trade mark logo on a stainless steel tag and we use paper padded envelopes with brown paper tape which are letter box size, all 100% recyclable. We walk to the post box and will not hesitate to hand courier locally to save on our carbon footprint !

Gentle Giants love…Dragonflies!!

Dragonflies’ ancestors first appeared over 300 million years ago. It’s estimated that one extinct species (Meganeura monyi) would have had a 30 inch wingspan.

A dragonfly can easily be identified by its long body, transparent wings and large compound eyes. Dragonflies are sometimes confused with damselflies. The easiest way to tell the two apart is by looking at their wings. A dragonfly’s wings are flat and extended out from their bodies. A damselfly’s wings will fold when it’s resting, above or along their body.

Female dragonflies can lay up to 1,500 eggs at one time. They have a three stage life cycle – they start out as an egg, hatch into a nymph (larva), then molt and become an adult dragonfly. It will spend much of its life as a nymph (larva) in the water.

The larval stage of dragonflies lasts up to five years in large species, and between two months and three years in smaller species. When the naiad is ready to metamorphose into an adult, it stops feeding and makes its way to the surface, generally at night. It remains stationary with its head out of the water, while its respiration system adapts to breathing air, then climbs up a reed or other emergent plant, and moults (ecdysis). Anchoring itself firmly in a vertical position with its claws, its skin begins to split at a weak spot behind the head. The adult dragonfly crawls out of its larval skin, the exuvia, arching backwards when all but the tip of its abdomen is free, to allow its exoskeleton to harden. Curling back upwards, it completes its emergence, swallowing air, which plumps out its body, and pumping haemolymph into its wings, which causes them to expand to their full extent.

Male dragonflies are territorial and defend their territory aggressively. It’s estimated there are around 3,000 living species of dragonflies worldwide. Dragonflies are carnivorous, and they eat a wide range of different insects, they can capture their prey in mid-air and love to eat mosquitoes and some species can eat up to and over 100 mosquitoes every day.

According to Harvard University, dragonflies are one of the most effective hunters among insects. It’s estimated that a dragonfly can catch up to 95% of the prey they attempt to capture. 

Dragonflies have amazing eyesight. Their two large compound eyes give them nearly 360 degree vision, and it’s estimated they used around 80% of their brain to process visual information. They are expert fliers, with the ability to fly in every direction and even hover like a helicopter. Large species of dragonflies can reach maximum flight speeds between 22 and 34 miles per hour. The average cruising speed of a large dragonfly species is around 9.9 miles per hour, they can even fly for miles over seas.

As a seasonal symbol in Japan, the dragonflies are associated with the season of autumn, they are symbols of rebirth, courage, strength, and happiness and are also symbols in the Chinese practices of Feng Shui, where placements of dragonfly statues and artwork in parts of a home or office are believed to bring new insights and positive changes.

Images of dragonflies are common in Art Nouveau and feature in many period designs, especially jewellery. 

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-Explore more beautiful pieces in our Identity Collection  – Individually each charm identity represents an important ethos. Together, they embody an all round sustainable lifestyle that will not only nourish us as individuals but enrich and restore this awesome planet that we’re so blessed to inhabit. Our Identity collection is made up of six lovingly chosen Charms. Each piece of jewellery will also feature our signature diamond cut sterling silver ring that brilliantly sparkles and shines around the charm radiating positive light & energy. This ring reflects the natural cycles of the world around us & the connection between our six beautiful lifestyle values.



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