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“Chickpiece began as an overwhelming urge to add to this conversation”

Hi, I’m Carla and I’m the founder of Chickpiece.

Chickpiece is my form of activism. I want to promote and celebrate sustainable, compassionate lifestyles and to help secure a beautiful and healthy future for my children. For everyone’s children. For all life on this planet.

I desperately wanted to join in with this conversation, to share the feeling of fulfillment and peace that these wonderful, concious way of looking at the world bring. By designing meaningful jewellery that symbolises these beautiful ways of living on earth, we have encapsulated these happy vibes in each and every piece.

Chickpiece brings together a set of values that collectively embody an all-encompassing lifestyle that will enrich us and all life on our planet. I feel so passionate about banishing age old myths & promoting a connection with our own well being, our home and our fellow inhabitants. I hadn’t always lived this way but once I really started to consider, question and realise the consequences of the practices that have been ingrained in our culture I just felt compelled to make different choices and now for me, living in any other way is simply not an option anymore.

I really hope that you love Chickpiece jewellery and our concepts as much as I’ve loved creating them. I hope that you will wear your charm with pride and feel strength from within in all that you do. I hope that in the face of adversity, they will sparkle, shine and radiate beautiful little messages everywhere and get people thinking, talking & feeling empowered.

Carla x

To my boys, this is for you.

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