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We LOVE Amazonite

Some of our Natural pieces of jewellery have the addition of an Amazonite bead or two. 

We extensively researched beads (read more in our eco page – here) and fell in love with the awesome opaque frosted hues of Green Yellow, Pink and Grey unpolished natural Amazonite.

Not only does this natural mineral look absolutely stunning when paired with our precious metals, it is also sustainable and is said to have many amazing healing properties.

Amazonite has been mined since the time of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, it is a form of the mineral Microcline but renamed after the Amazon River in Brazil because of the green colour pallet being reminiscent of the jungles and rivers of our great rainforest. It is actually a Feldspar and makes up a full half of the world’s crust along with other gem stones like Moonstone and Sunstone. Feldspar is self renewing which makes Amazonite a very sustainable material to use in Jewellery making.

The green coloured Amazonite is most popular in jewellery making, however, we use all of the tones that make up the mineral formations from a snowy White through to the popular brilliant Green, we think that it is such a waste to disregard any of the other pretty colours! 

On a spiritual level, Amazonite is said to be an amazing energy filter and can help counteract the effects of the electromagnetic world that we now exist in. What with all of the smartphones, laptops, computers, wifi, Bluetooth devices, GPS circling around us everywhere we go we are constantly exposed to this type of radiation. This has led to an increase in biological effects on every one of us that can manifest as a lack of concentration and sleep disorders, an unbalanced nervous system, metabolic disturbances, mental issues, stress, weakened immune systems and many more. 

In addition, Amazonite is described as a balancing gemstone and is connected to the heart and throat chakras, it is said to enhance communication on every level without fear and is thought to increase self-confidence and feelings of peace and self-validation. Amazonite also helps you to balance and control your emotions, especially when communicating with others. Amazonite also frees artistic expression, allowing one to express emotional stress and grief through creativity. 

An important, much treasured gem through the ages, Amazonite has been described as the ‘stone of success and abundance’ and can help you clear your mind of cluttered thoughts enabling you to focus on achieving your goals and dreams. 

Health wise, as with other gemstones and crystals,  Amazonite is said to have many healing properties including boosting your metabolic rate and aiding you with a good night’s sleep. People have been known to swear by Amazonite for helping with calcium deficiency  related conditions like Osteoporosis. It has been said to reduce fatigue and energy sapping issues and even assisted women through childbirth.

The pretty natural colours, fascinating heritage & healing properties of this stunning natural mineral compound make Amazonite a truly beautiful complement to all of our charms.  

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