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Our gorgeous ever evolving Natural Collection is made of beautiful, sustainable materials paired with delicate gold, rose gold & silver vermeil spacers, natural frosted amazonite beads on gorgeous natural hemp cord, often with the addition of an Identity charm.

Each piece of our jewellery features our signature diamond cut sterling silver ring that brilliantly sparkles and shines radiating positive light & energy. This ring reflects the natural cycles of the world around us that connects our six beautiful lifestyle values.

Hemp cord is a wonderfully sustainable choice for vegan and eco friendly jewellery making however it is important to state here that it will not last forever and there are certain tips listed on our items to help keep your cord from wearing. We also add an aditional length of cord with our tie on items for you to re-thread when your cord starts to wear thin. For necklaces we offer a re-threading service for a small fee should you wish to send them back to us.

Find out all about the the amazing natural (ever-renewing) earth rock amazonite here including the history of it’s reported healing properties!

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