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Well Being

Master of my wellness, body, mind and soul’

It all starts with you. It’s important to love and nurture the world around us, it’s also important to love and nurture ourselves. We are big advocates of this and our daily lives can bring unwanted stresses that can have a physical detrimental effect on our health if left unchecked. 

We believe that energising exercise, strengthening yoga, mind stilling meditation, good quality sleep coupled with positive social interactions, kindness and thoughts of gratitude are all habits that will contribute to a healthful, sustained life.     

Sometimes in our lives, no matter what we do, we may experience mental health issues, especially in this age of over saturation, bombardment of information and the many challenges that we face.

Low mood can take the wind out of our sails at any time and we feel that this is such an important subject to talk about so we have a dedicated area of our website – ‘The Hive’, where we talk about well being and mental health, including our own personal experiences.

Each piece of our jewellery features our signature diamond cut sterling silver ring that brilliantly sparkles and shines radiating positive light & energy. This ring reflects the natural cycles of the world around us that connects our six beautiful lifestyle values.

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