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Happy Herbivore

‘Nourishing my body with the fruits of the earth’

Here at Chickpiece we are all passionate Vegans and as much as possible, enjoy a whole foods plant based way of life, we just love it! Wherever possible we nourish ourselves with beautiful, seasonal organic ingredients and try to be mindful and respectful when cooking and eating, pouring love and good vibes into every last bite.  We feel an amazing sense of togetherness with the world around us having our values and lifestyles align and we’ve never been so full of beans!! 

Whether you are a fully fledged Vegan or just loving your Veggies, wear your Happy Herbivore jewellery with pride for the incredible differences you are making whenever you eat your greens!

There are many questions and opinions surrounding a full vegan diet that can understandably be very emotive and divide opinion. In order to give an insight and balanced view, to debunk some common myths and explain varying different approaches we have created ‘The Hive’ an area on our website dedicated to exploring this topic amongst others.

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10% of all of our sales go to The Surge Sanctuary, read more about Surge and their amazing new animal sanctuary here.

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