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Gentle Giant

Cherisher and nurturer of all creatures great and small

Assigned to represent the care and respect that we  owe to even the tiniest of creatures on this earth. Gentle Giant Identity is acknowledgement of the truly amazing, vital part that our insects, bumblebees bugs play in our ecosystem. It is practically impossible to live a modern life where us humans do not disrupt insect life at all but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be mindful of our behaviour and attitudes when it comes to looking out for even the smallest of beings in our day to day lives.

This is part of the Vegan philosophy and Vegans are often called extreme for what they feel is an unconditional love of even the tiniest beings on earth that leaves no alternative but to completely reject any form of exploitation including the use and consumption of honey. There are many questions and opinions surrounding this subject that can understandably be very emotive and divide opinion. In order to give an insight and balanced view of this way of life, we have created an information centre – The Hive, where, amongst other topics, we explore Gentle Giant in detail and the reasons why vegans feel so passionate and resolute in their stance.

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