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Earth Child

‘Guardian of our planet, conscious footprints in my wake’

Our collective home is being destroyed at an alarming rate by the human race.

Our intelligence changed the way in which we evolved and unlike in the wild where animals had to develop a physical ability to change their lives, for humans, all we need is an idea. We have transformed what a species can achieve. Bad planning and human error has sent our biodiversity into decline, the natural world is fading, ‘we have broken loose’ and now exist apart from the rest of life on earth with no restrictions, outside of the ‘circle of life’ overriding the laws of nature, free to consume the earth until we have used it up with nothing to stop us, unless we stop ourselves.

We need to put the brakes on fast as at present, the change required to mend the damage of our destructive way of life is being implemented  far slower than the time we have left to avoid completely turning the  forces of nature against us, changing life as we see it. What humans do within the next ten years will now be crucial in determining our destiny. 

Our Earth Child Identity celebrates our planet and reminds us of all of the wonderful natural phenomenon’s surrounding us on our beautiful earth plane. From rainbows to acorns we love to marvel at the wonders of the natural world and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature when our biodiverse ecosystems are balanced and thriving.

Each piece of our jewellery features our signature diamond cut sterling silver ring that brilliantly sparkles and shines radiating positive light & energy. This ring reflects the natural cycles of the world around us that connects our six beautiful lifestyle values

A Vegan lifestyle radically lowers personal carbon footprints because animal agriculture industries contribute so massively to climate change. There are many questions and opinions  surrounding this subject that can understandably be very emotive and divide opinion. In order to give an insight and balanced view, we have created an The Hive – an area on our website dedicated to exploring the Climate Crisis in detail.

Find out more about how we are doing our bit and what the best available science is telling us about the climate crisis in our dedicated information area, The Hive.

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