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Beach Buddy

‘Protector of our sea life, sustainer of our seas’

Our Beach Buddy jewellery is a tribute to our oceans and the incredible marine life that we share our planet with.

  Our oceans are home to an incredible and diverse array of fascinating lifeforms, all of which play important roles in the earths ecosystem. Like rainforests, marine plants and coral reefs absorb carbon and play a hugely important part in regulating our planets temperature. New studies are even finding that the constant movement of our sea creatures, churning the oceans is actually cooling our planet down. Although fish and shellfish may seem quite alien to us humans, fish do have feelings too and we want to show them some love. Beach Buddies protect marine life and live in harmony with nature.

Every unique piece in our Identity collection tells its very own story, celebrating our planet’s diversity, ecology & promoting our collective well being. To embody this concept,  each piece of Chickpiece jewellery features our signature diamond cut sterling silver ring that sparkles and shines, reflecting the brilliant light and energy of our planet and the connection between our six Identity values.

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10% of all of our sales go to The Surge Sanctuary. Read more about Surge and their amazing new animal sanctuary here.

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