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Oh Hi There! Welcome to the About bit! We are so happy that you are here!! 

Chickpiece is a small, independent company based in Southend on Sea, Essex. We are a passionate, happy little bunch here at Chickpiece and very excited to tell you all about our empowering collection of charms.  We wanted to promote a beautiful lifestyle in a beautiful way and so Chickpiece was born.

Chickpiece is more than jewellery, it’s a lifestyle, a set of Identities, a set of sparkling gold & silver jewels that we believe fit together, mapping the way to the real treasure trove – a wonderfully fulfilling & enriched life for you and for the world you live in.  

Each of our six delicate charm collections are representing a beautiful ethos, an ‘Identity’ and when each of the six Identities are applied in harmony in our day to day lives we feel that we are truly living a lifestyle that will not only nourish us as individuals but enrich & restore this awesome planet that we are so blessed to inhabit. We believe in walking this earth in a way that causes the least harm possible. We live with compassion and kindness at our core. 

We hope that you will love our jewellery and our concept as much as we do and that it inspires you and people around you.

Welcome To Chickpiece, beautiful jewellery for a beautiful lifestyle. Be the change you want to see…

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